Here’s to my Story

Here’s to my Story

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Latest Part of the Journey:

Family Can Make or Break You

Surprisingly, I often get questions from parents to kids with CRPS. I never expected this to be a demographic of mine, but here we are. The conversation typically starts out with a parent thanking me. Thanking me because I was someone their child could relate to. They also tend to ask me lots of questions.Continue reading “Family Can Make or Break You”

Life is Possible

This past week, you may have noticed I did not post a blog. I know I know, it killed me too. But there was a reason. I had a different project come out into the world not too long before. I am going to tell you the story of why I decided to do thisContinue reading “Life is Possible”

“She’s So Strong”

As humans, we take pride in people admiring our strength and capabilities. I’m sure if I were to ask you right now if that could ever turn into a negative- you’d probably say no. Well, I can say I completely disagree with you. I think that the minute your well-known strength becomes a negative, itContinue reading ““She’s So Strong””