Here’s to my Story

Here’s to my Story

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Latest Part of the Journey:


I believe we all have a purpose in life. You’re probably thinking I’m being pretty cliche. I agree that my younger self would have already clicked off of this post. It’s almost such a classic phrase that people no longer validate it. Don’t worry, I was there too. But, to all those young Alexis’ outContinue reading “Purpose”

Too Complex

Now I don’t normally start with pictures. I typically like to give an explanation before I show even more of my life. But, today I am going to do it. I am going to have a discussion about my community. The people who have been or at one time were in my life. I haveContinue reading “Too Complex”

Family Can Make or Break You

Surprisingly, I often get questions from parents to kids with CRPS. I never expected this to be a demographic of mine, but here we are. The conversation typically starts out with a parent thanking me. Thanking me because I was someone their child could relate to. They also tend to ask me lots of questions.Continue reading “Family Can Make or Break You”